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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Once upon a time II.

This is just another quick update.

My participation in the snow-joke half marathon resulted in $150 bill at the local medical center :-)

This winter season is over. I was skiing in the Snowbowl ski resort, which is right above Missoula, last weekend. It was great, sunny and a lot of fun. We have met with other exchange students there. I ended up teaching Tim (my friend from Mongolia) how to ski.

After a not very successful basketball season I’ve decided to play golf in the spring. We are practicing in the gym now, but already next week we are heading to one of the golf courses in Missoula. I borrowed the golf club set from the local golf course. I am enjoying the sport very much so far. We will see what success I will have on the grass.

I managed to change my return flight ticket. I am planning a few days stopover in the New York City. So excited…

Finally I had time to see “Borat”. Unfortunately I have not decided yet if it was more stupid or disgusting. Other movies (which I’ve liked) I have seen recently were Little Miss Sunshine and Babel. I have to recommend both of them. Both of them are this year’s academy winners. By the way the academy ceremony was the best show I have ever seen. Ellen DeGeneres rocks!

There is a new photo in my profile. It is a result of my work in the Computer Design class. No comments, please.

We have Prom (“maturitni ples”) today...


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