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Tuesday, September 26, 2006


It is almost the end of September and I finally have found time to write some notes about my stay in the U.S.
I came almost four weeks ago and it is long enough to learn something about America and Americans.
  1. Everything is huge and when I say everything I mean really everything. It starts with cars. They have lot of similar types as we have in Europe, but even the small Ford Focus seems to be more than big. Carts in stores are approximately twice as big as I was used to. They probably have to be as big, because it is your only possibility how you can fill your fridge. They are not huge, they are so huge. And finally distances, especially here in Montana is everything far away.
  2. It wasn't easy to get use to the phrases like "What's up", "How are you", "How are you doing" or "How is it going". Average American use it hundred times a day and you have to learn answer it with the same sentence and answer it quickly, because the person who asked you is probably not waiting for the answer. Never answer it negatively, even if you don't feel good everybody is waiting for "I'm fine" or "Good".
  3. Be ready to learn how the dryer works.
  4. If you'll see a manual clutch, you are a happy man.
  5. No problem! Really nothing seems to be a problem here. You start fire using oil. You can transport your house with car or you can let your house unlocked whole day when you are out.
  6. I've started to have a fear from bears.


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