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Thursday, October 12, 2006


There were many occasions when I felt LOST. In Chicago, when I missed the plane, first day at school, on a bike trip and when I watched LOST for the first time. You cannot find more mysterious show than LOST. It is a phenomenon which influenced thousands of people all around the world.
Here in the United States it is kind of a mania, cause you can buy lot of stuff here which is connected with the show, like we have for example the board game.
Don't be The Others, watch LOST.
In Czech Republic started the first series this fall, in U.S. started already the third series. It means I joined the show in the middle. It is like see the last part of Matrix and don't know what happened in the previous two and it makes you feel really LOST. Otherwise it is the most breathtaking show ever. It is complicated even for the people who watched it whole.


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