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Tuesday, September 26, 2006


This article is about comparison of the United States and the Czech Republic, just in away of money.
When I was leaving I was prepared that living in the U.S. is more expensive than in the Czech. Now I have a possibility to discover where the truth is.
Let's start with the most demanding commodity ever, oil. It is sold in gallons. One gallon is approximately 3.8 liters and it costs between $2.5-3.0. So it is about half of the price in Czech, but that's probably the first and also the last thing:-p
We stopped once in the Italian restaurant "Johnny Carino's". It is kind of a normal restaurant which means not a fast food. The meal costs you about $10-$15 [include beverage], but you get for your money, as everywhere here, really big portion. They have also some combos for two or more person which are a lot cheaper. Also food in shops are mostly more expensive. Ham which I like for my lunch sandwiches costs about $9 per package. My lunch at school if I have one in cafeteria cost $1.75 and that's pretty cheap, but I don't have it every day either it is kind of a fast food meal and I don't want to spend $40 on lunches every month too.
Some electronic appliances are cheaper. You can buy a really good laptop for about $1000, iPod [30 GB] costs approximately $250 and plasma TV $1000-$2000, it depends an how big screen do you want to have. CD's cost from $10-$20. But the one for $20 usually include DVD or some other bonuses, so average is about $13. Prices of pre-paid phone cards starts at $5 and you can speak hours on local calls but for calls abroad it's approximately one hour phone call for $10.
Some kind of sport equipment you can buy cheaper. I was looking for tennis racket, but I don't remember the price, sorry. Frisbee I wanted to buy costs $10.
And finally what I got really cheap was the ticket for The Rolling Stones' concert:-) And what cost me a fortune? A haircut. I paid 17 bucks for it.


Blogger Tomáš said...

And what about bikes? :P
On friday I bought new bicycle (I still have the old one, for trips) for street and dirtjumping... the new way for me. I think, that the conditions are there very good for bike and mostly for freeride in the nature. If I were you, I'll by some bike and go to the mountains everyday , ride down from the hill ;)

October 16, 2006 1:44 PM

Blogger Honza said...

hi, thanks for comment.
if you saw my photos we were on a big biking trip once. Than I made few in our neighborhood. Now it is already quite chilly to do such activity.
You've asked about the prices of bikes. I saw a very good one for almost $1500 in a bike rental shop. But really really good one.
In the normal bike shop the better ones cost about $700-800 in average.

October 18, 2006 6:37 PM


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