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Saturday, December 23, 2006

It's getting hectic, it's chaotic

by Honza Keprta

For most of us it the best part of the year. It brings peace and happiness to our homes. Reality is different. For many people the Christmas are the busiest days of the year. Like every year millions of people hurry to finish their season's duties just few moments before the Christmas Day. Shopping centers are crowded with people trying to buy their last minute presents.

Life in Montana is slightly different. I tried to figure out what makes the Christmas time more pleasant here, but I did not. I do not have more time and neither do the other people here. I am just staying unaffected with all the Holiday rush. People stayed cool even when we lost power for few days last week after the USA was hit with the biggest storm in 25 years.

We have our Christmas tree already since Thanksgiving. So our only duty was to decorate it and it was a task for one evening. Because of all the miracles like "eBay" or "Amazon" you can get all you presents and not leave far away from your fireplace. While it is not always easy to get to the town from our house, you can be hundred percent sure that almost everything can be shipped to you, even if your address is "somewhere in the middle of Montana's forests." And if you are like me and do not trust to all these e-shops, then you simply have to make a plan for all of your shopping. Believe me, when the first shopping mall is 70 miles away you do not what to drive there more than it is necessary.

It is only one thing which bothers me here. Big Brother,fat man in a red coat coming through the chimney, is still watching you. Santa is really everywhere. So I have decided to bring a little bit of Czech Christmas into this Americanize environment and I did not find easier way than to bake some Czech Christmas cookies. I was told that it is supposed not to be difficult to bake them. After I chose the right recipe and got over all difficulties with converting from tablespoons into grams I finally finished my first Christmas Cookies. They are tasteful and they make you feel closer to home.

I would like to finish with some clever statement, but you know I cannot come up with any right now so only....Have a wonderful Christmas time and successful New Year wherever you are...


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