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Friday, February 02, 2007

hasta la VISTA, baby

Two days ago Microsoft finally launched his super new operating system Microsoft Vista. Yesterday I updated to it. But, "I can get no, satisfaction."

No, in fact I do not want to criticize the huge amount of work of people who stand behind Vista, but I just wonder if it is worth of $160. That is the price of Home Premium if you decide to upgrade from XP. Otherwise it costs much more. The Basic version which is the lowest level of the new operation system is little bit cheaper but does not offer all these fancy stuff for which we like the new Vista so much.

I saw a short video few days ago from the party where Microsoft for the first time introduced Vista on January 30. Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer and other people were shaking hands with representatives from computer companies like Dell and Gateway and ensuring the consumers how they did their best to improve our digital lifestyles.

My first disappointment was that the new Vista did not support my burning software NERO. It forced me to uninstall it before I was able to continue in the Windows installation. Now, I can use the new Windows DVD Maker which is included:-) OK, fine....

The second disappointment, it is not cooperating with my printer (Lexmark). So, I went to Lexmark website and tried to find if I can do something with it. They told me that they were working on it and that the new software would be available soon. So now I cannot print.

The new feature, Windows Aero and Flip 3D are definitely cool, except I cannot run them on my computer because it does not pass the system requirements. Other elements like the side bar which can show clocks, weather forecast, your notes , currency converter, calendar and many others are a nice design improve. Windows Vista is full of these little design surprises.

With Windows Meeting Space, Windows just tried to catch its concurrents which already offer similar services online.

Work with your photo galleries is more efficient. You can search through thousands of photos and do basic edits. It is nice to have this kind of software under your operating system for people which have lot of photos and not so much time. Searching was also improved a lot. The Instant Search allows you to search your computer and also the internet. You can move through your files much more smoothly.

Windows Media Center is probably great too, but unfortunately I have not time to explore it yet.

After all I got a good feeling from working with the newest technology. The work space looks like from a different universe. It is hard to predict where Microsoft will go next or where it will be force to go. Support of XP ends in 2011.

Next step is to upgrade to the new Office 2007. Or maybe I won't...


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